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Boxing Tips : Strength Training for Boxing

Strength training for boxing includes push-ups that launch you off the ground to help you develop explosive speed, flexibility and shoulder strength. Become a stronger fighter with this free video on boxing tips. Expert: Mickey Demos Contact: www.biscayneboxing.com Bio: The owner of Biscayne Boxing and Fitness, Mickey has more than 29 years of experience training professional fighters.

Muscular Strength Training with the Methow Olympic Program

Watch as America’s team turns it on in the weight room aptly titled “The A-Frame of Pain” by coach Scott Johnston and his steed of young aspiring athletes; Sam Naney, Erik Bjornsen and Torin Koos.

Explosive Power and Functional Strength Training Program.

This is a program for those of you who are interested in the training style seen in our demonstrational video, which is linked below. www.youtube.com www.humanmetamorphosis.com

Fitness Model, Kansas City Personal Trainer, WBFF Figure Pro Diana Chaloux Golds Gym Workout

Come along with top fitness model, WBFF Figure World Champion and Kansas City Personal Trainer Diana Chaloux as she gets in an arm workout at Golds Gym. Online Personal Training available worldwide, one on one personal training available at Hitch Fit Gym in Kansas City, MO Visit www.DianaChaloux.com for details!

New York celebrity fitness personal trainer/coach Donovan Green teaches muscle toning drills.

Donovan Green is a certified Personal Trainer, Martial Arts instructor, Owner Of 6 Elements of Fitness Gym, Fitness Expert, Trainer & Friend to Dr.Mehmet Oz, Health Counselor, Fitness coordinator for Health corps, and Fitness Coach to many. He is considered to be one of the most unique and intricate trainers to have ever touched the fitness industry.